Happy Mother’s Day

Even though I’m a day or two late I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to any of my friends/family who read this….I know there is at least one of you out there! šŸ™‚
My Mother’s Day was fantastic and started with Brad cooking me pancakes (my favorite) after letting me sleep until the wonderful hour of 9 am. We took David to this really great park about 20 minutes from here then came home and tried to feed the fish in our lake. It stormed badly the night before so they weren’t eating. We threw rocks instead. I’m not sure who has more fun doing that (me or David).
We went to church service on Sunday night and I was so encouraged by it….I encourage you to listen to the sermon – you can download it to your ipod….here is the file: http://http://www.brookhills.com/media/files_audio/080511.mp3
If that doesn’t work, then just go to www.brookhills.org and download the file there (May 11th).

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