Today I’m posting some pictures of some recent things we’ve worked on. I say “we” because it includes a couple of things from me and some artwork David did this morning.

I made this quilt for a friend of mine who had a little girl a few months ago. The baby’s name is Annabelle, which I just love.
Technically, this scarf was for my mom’s birthday in January. It took a lot longer to make it than I had anticipated….it was just over 5 months late! Mom and Clint came to town this weekend, but we totally forgot to take any pictures. We’ll be sure to get some next time. My friend, Emily, took this picture and she named it the green monster – it’s pretty fitting.David has been home sick this entire week (fever virus we think) but he was feeling better this morning. I got out my acrylics and he painted a picture that he wants to give daddy for Father’s Day. I’m not worried about Brad seeing this yet, I don’t think he’s ever read this blog. Anyhow, David made this beautiful tree for Brad.And while this isn’t art related, I still wanted to post it today. David has this new basketball game toy, which he loves. It’s really kinda fun to play! You are supposed to bounce the ping pong ball, which is painted like a basketball, on the table and up into the basket. Oh yeah – and I’m currently working on painting our college mascot (a bulldog) on the wall of David’s room, so it would be fitting to post a picture here….but I think I’ll wait until it’s finished before I post a picture. So just imagine a painting of the Samford logo here (with Spike the bulldog included).


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