Cat starts with "d"

So at dinner the other night we were talking about school and what David was learning…which by the way is A LOT. He’s blowing me away at the things his teacher is teaching him (sign language, tons of songs, bible verses, Alabama state history). He’s the oldest in his class which is a very good thing for him and is catching on really well.

We were talking about words that start with the letter “d”. He was doing a good job picking out words like dog, door, daddy, David, etc.

Brad started asking him questions like this….”Does donut start with a ‘d’?” He’d think about it for a minute and we’d help him out by saying “D…D…D…donut – does donut start with a ‘d'”? He’d say yes. So he caught on and this game went on for a few minutes. Then Brad tried to trick him and asked him if cat started with the letter ‘d’. He said yes. Then he said “D…D…D…cat!”



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