Bicycles and Football

This weekend we took pictures at a “No Training Wheels” video production shoot for some good friends of mine. I won’t post pictures of any of the other cute kids riding their bikes since I don’t have their permission and don’t really know any of them….but here are some pictures of little man practicing on a bike without training wheels or pedals. He did great for his first time. We’ve taken the pedals and training wheels off of his bike and he’s been practicing balancing the past couple of days.
Saturday afternoon – John & Trisha invited us over to watch the Alabama/Arkansas football
game. We had a great time and met some friends of theirs who have a cute little boy named Micah. David had fun picking up sticks in the yard with John and they went outside to do that
three times throughout the game. David found a couple spiders and John taught him how trees
grow. He then told me all about it later. David loves to learn and likes to teach us what he learns.

Me, Trisha and Marie (Micah’s mama):
David and John exploring:
Learning about spiders:Micah eating a tractor:
Playing with dirt:


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