David is becoming such a ham and loves to make us laugh. I wouldn’t consider Brad or myself really funny….so I’m not sure where he gets it from. Here are a couple of the most recent things he’s been saying:

“I’m tired of y’all talking.” – he typically says this when we are in the car and he just wants us to be quiet. Guess he’d rather listen to the hum of the tires then to mama and dad talking.

“You’re not making no sense.” – he’ll say this randomly when he doesn’t understand what we are saying….we might be making complete sense but in his 4 year old mind he can’t understand us.

“Holy word.” – this is his exclamation of choice. I guess it is a combination of ‘holy crap’ and ‘oh my word’, which I say all the time. I’m trying not to say ‘holy crap’ anymore…and am going with the more appropriate 4 year old version of ‘holy smokes’. It’s hilarious when he says this because normally it’s used when he’s very excited about something. Appropriate.

“Do I have batteries in my bones?” – not sure where this came from – TOO CUTE!

“God makes me laugh!” – we were in the bathroom at church on Sunday and he was laughing out loud and hard and couldn’t stop…I kept trying to get him to hush because we were close enough to the santuary that I was certain everyone could hear him. I asked him what he was laughing at and he said that God was making him laugh…..I’d love to know what He was making David laugh about! To be 4 years old again….


One thought on “Davidisms

  1. I love the “God is making me laugh”. Our children our so close to God I can’t imagine. My prayer is that my girls keep the closeness they have and not loose it inthis crazy world!

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