A few weekends ago we went back to Durhamtown with Brad’s brother and his family. The first time we went was back in the spring…I’m fairly certain we’ll make this a bi-annual trip. It’s so much fun being in the woods, hanging out with family and having no schedule.

We spent a LOT of time at the pee wee track with David and took a bunch of rides on the other trails. Unfortunately, I got us deep into a trail with me on my dirt bike and Brad following with David in the cart that way WAY too muddy for a dirt bike. It was challenging and the place of my first crash (directly into a pine tree)…but our friend, Joe, said I handled the mud well since it was my very first time really riding my bike. 🙂 I was pretty sore for a week after we got back from that ride alone.

Leslee, Heather and I went for a guided night ride. It was great – we went on trails that are typically closed to the public….there were lots of hill climbs and freaky/scary places to some of these trails. It was my first time really riding the 4-wheeler and with the exception of it stalling the entire way down a VERY steep hill – it was great. It’s definitely on the schedule for our trip to DT in the spring.

David had a little crash too. His training wheel got caught in a whole and it kind of flipped his dirt bike over. He cried for a few minutes but got back on and rode it out of the woods. He’s a little trooper and knows he was safe because he had on all of his safety gear.

Pa wasn’t able to go with us on this trip – he had a wreck on his street bike the week before and he thought he broke a rib….riding in the woods with a broken rib is no fun….so he stayed home. Hopefully in the spring he can join us again.

Below are just a ton of pictures from the trip with some explanation of them.

David on the pee wee track – he was catching some air –
This was the next day after it had rained for about 8 hours. He loved the mud –
Savannah, me and Leslee after our girls only ride –
Typical –
Brad –
This is me on my first mx track –
David watching Brad come down from Monster Mountain –
Playing with trucks. This is what he did if he wasn’t on the dirt bike, in the cart or playing with Z. (his new friend) –
Our cabin the quadplex…we were on the left side, R&L on the right and two other friends families were on the backside of this cabin –
David and his buddy Z. They were playing Monster Jam with their bicycles –
The mud ride (Brad and I took a nap while these crazy folks went out in the rain for a ride) –
Girls ride only (plus Joe). Check out Denise’s hot pink cart – LOVE IT –
Radar…the newest member of the family. He hung out on the porch most of the time…he was a great dog this weekend…everyone fell in love with him –
Rich on the big mx track – Brad on the mx track –Leslee on the mx track –
Rich and Brad –
Cleaning up. David cleaned his own bike and did a pretty good job at it –We had a GREAT time and can’t wait to go back.

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