Halloween 2008

Halloween started off getting David dressed up for school. It went well until we walked into the gym where all of his friends were and they came running up to him to check out his costume…he was a dirt bike rider for those of you who can’t tell. He’s not one who loves attention (especially this kind of attention) so he froze and kinda freaked out. By the time I left school he was happy and sitting with his teacher. They had a Halloween party and a fun time from what I hear!

This is Ms. Lisa Wilkerson – the best 3K teacher on the planet:
Dirt bike rider boy:
Each year we go trick or treating with a very good friend of mine. Wylma loves David like her own grandchild and we love her too. She is so sweet and we love visiting with her and her sister, Bertha. Here are a few pictures of trick or treating with Wylma.

Trick or treating – this is Cher:
Wylma and David…I have a picture just like this for the past 3 years!
What is in here?
Such a ham…
Love this picture of David and Wylma:
Just before coming home we stopped by a friends home in a neighborhood just across the street from ours. They were grilling out and then they brought all the kids to our neighborhood on a hay ride. We saw them as they started down our street and David and I rode on the hay ride for a few minutes. It was fun….then we broke off once our other friends got there. We trick or treated in our neighborhood with a friend, Anna (who is in the picture below) for about an hour and a half. It was a fun night!


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