Camping with the Herrington’s

By Herringtons – I mean us and Brad’s brother, sister-in-law and their two girls. Unfortunately, the most senor Herrington couldn’t make it to this trip.

We drove to Madison, Florida Wednesday night and stayed in the Jellystone Campground through Sunday….it was a GREAT long weekend and just what we needed. The campground was set up really nice – they had many things to offer the guests to keep us busy all weekend long.

We spent the weekend –

riding the golf cart
riding our bikes
padle boating
swimming (in the lake and pool)
sliding (down the 60 foot water slide)
playing on the play ground
playing kickball
making smores
train riding (the wet and wild one)
karaoke watching
putt putt golfing
movie watching
sleeping in
campfire making
mudslide and pina colada drinking (for the adults of course)
magazine reading
and relaxing

Some other highlights were –

Olivia went down the 60 foot water slide by herself and without floaties. David wouldn’t even ride it on my lap. 😦
We moo’d at some cows
Saw our family and had a fantastic time spending 4 days with them
Watched David learn how to ride a wheelie on his bicycle
David saw his first shooting star and Uncle Rich and Daddy were there to witness it
Ate icecream at the lodge
Played hide-and-go-seek in the dark
Slept with the windows open

It was the perfect weekend, there was zero rain and the temp was in the high 60’s to the low 80’s. Perfect for camping.

I’m not feeling very creative tonight and am not much into writing out everything we did…and I’m sure no one wants to read it all… here is some of what we did in pictures.

David, Savannah, Rich and I went for a swim in the pool (which was rather cold). David learned how to float using a noodle. He’s not much of a swimmer, but we are going to sign him up for swim lessons this summer.

Much to my frustration – the squirrels attached our gorp (which is just cheerios, peanuts, m&m’s, and raisens). Guess they were looking for the peanuts. This is my favorite Pampered Chef bowl and lid….the lid is now trash. At least the stainless steel bowl is fine!
Posing for the camera.
Our friends let us borrow their pop up camper for the weekend. It was really nice not having to tent camp.
This is Rich and Leslee’s toy hauler/camper. It’s really nice and they can put their bikes and 4×4’s in the back of it. Sorry, Leslee, for the butt shot!
Savannah –
Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and the kids –
Leslee trying to get the hook out of the mouth of the fish she caught –
Savannah playing the tuba –
We even had a Thanksgiving dinner (complete with smoked turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls)…it was delicious, thanks to Rich and Leslee –
I went on the Wet and Wild train ride with the kids and here are a few pictures –
Rich getting everyone wet using the water hose –
Then, me trying to keep myself and Olivia dry (she had just gotten a bath and had clean/dry clothes on) –
And, finally, here are some of the most common shots I usually get from the family:
First is Brad hiding behind the curtain –
Next, is Leslee hiding behind her hand WITH a scowl on her face –
Lastly, David after he noticed I was taking his picture, he put his hand up too –
What’s with these Herrington people?


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