Halloween 2009

Last night we had about 30 people over for a Halloween Party. Really we were just the house that everyone congregated at before heading out to trick or treat. I had great plans to come up with a prize for the best costume, but that never happened. Probably for the best since the non-winners would have been sad.

We had a cowboy (my precious David), a wolverine, 3 Auburn football players, a pumpkin, a ninja, a sniper, Hewitt-Trussville football player, a ballerina, minnie mouse, a cheerleader, and some scary thing. It was much fun.

We provided some mini caramel apples, hot dogs and drinks….and everyone else brought snacks to share. That made it really easy on us! I’m all about the ease of a party.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of David in his costume. But here are some taken from last night.

Brad helping David get ready…

Ray, Trevor (the ninja) and Emma (she was supposed to be a flower, but her costume was a bit too big)…Aspen (this is the best picture taken all night…how cute is that face?)…
Brad in his typical fashion (hand in front of his face)…
Eating hot dogs and snacks…
Emily (aka Punky Brewster) and her precious babe, Ava (the ballerina). Props to Emily for dressing up. She was the only adult costume wearer of the bunch. She looked GREAT…
The Spruiell boys (minus Jacob, the oldest who didn’t dress up) – the sniper, scrary guy and football player)…
The rest of the gang (almost)…
Vicki, Aspen, Ava and Emily…
MY COWBOY…ain’t he cute?
So, now it’s November and our neighbors were putting up their CHRISTMAS lights tonight. Yeah, baby! 🙂


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