5 year check up

Two weeks ago David had has 5 year check up. He did FANTASTIC!

First he did the hearing and eye exam. He passed with flying colors.

Then we had to wait for the doctor for about 20 minutes. I noticed a full box of crayons on the counter so we grabbed them and started drawing on the paper that covers the exam table. David is a great artist but especially enjoyed drawing his entire alphabet a couple of times.

Here he is being a little ham.The doctor came in and gave David a great report. He got 4 huge shots in his legs…but he was a champ. I held him between my legs so he’d be still while the nurse gave him the shots. He seriously didn’t move a muscle…he didn’t even flinch. Sometimes I want to cry when I get shots…he defintely didn’t get his pain tolerance from me! David is almost 48 squared. He’s 48 pounds and 48 1/8 inches tall. He’s growing up way too fast. Where has the time gone?

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