Random things that make me happy

I saw this on a blog I read and wanted to make my own list. Here goes:

  1. the smell of fresh cut grass
  2. lemons
  3. homemade laundry detergent
  4. homemade dishwashing detergent
  5. saving money
  6. playing on the Wii with Brad and David
  7. “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever”
  8. checking things off of a to-do list
  9. laughing until I cry or can’t breathe, or both
  10. diet coke over ice (must have lots and lots of ice)
  11. clean kitchen counters and floors
  12. planning a big vacation
  13. the mountains
  14. real hand written letters in the mail
  15. watching the seeds I’ve planted sprout into life
  16. sleeping late
  17. snuggling in a warm bed when the house is cold
  18. playing board games with friends (especially Cranium with the Cassadys)
  19. David’s belly laughs
  20. organization
  21. being creative
  22. making soups in my big red cast iron pot
  23. being outside
  24. grace
  25. learning something new from an old friend
  26. friends who really care
  27. camping in the mountains next to a river
  28. hula hooping
  29. watching David play on his sports teams
  30. reconnecting with old friends
  31. making handmade gifts
  32. yoga pants
  33. surprises from Brad, he’s so good at them
  34. the first vegetable out of my garden for the season
  35. Modern Family, the tv show
  36. getting letters from our 3 Compassion International kids
  37. making things from scratch
  38. the smell of freshly baked bread
  39. the way David tries to barter with me
  40. Green Monster smoothies and the fact that David loves them too
  41. the fact that God loves me despite my failures

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