We won, we won! Oh, yeah, and so did Duke.

Recently, a blogger friend of mine announced a contest she was having to see who could pick the best (and worst) bracket. Brad and I (and now David) are Duke fans….so I picked Duke to win. All of my friends thought I was crazy because Duke had no chance of winning. Well, I filled out my bracket and joined Rachel’s group on espn.com. David had his own bracket too – which was just picked haphazardly at random. He picked Georgia Tech to win (which definitely wasn’t going to happen).

The person with the best bracket would win a prize….and the worst (kids) bracket would also win a prize. I’m thrilled to say that DUKE won last night, and I won the prize for the best bracket. Actually there was a tie, and the final score I picked was the tie breaker.
Click here to see her post….and the fact that I actually did win something (I believe this is the second time ever to win anything in my life). It’s very exciting stuff. πŸ™‚
I love the frames she made as the winners prize and David will absolutely adore the monster bowl he won.
Go Duke! Thanks for winning for me.

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