Spring 2010 Baseball

I don’t like baseball. At all. I never have. Well, except for when the Braves were really good in the early 90’s (I think) and I would watch the World Series with my dad. I’m a bit of a band wagon fan and thought it was cool that the Braves were doing good and they were from the city that my brother lived in….so I became a fan while they were good. Then they stopped being good and I stopped being a fan. I know, I know. Terrible.

So considering the fact that I don’t like baseball – I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I’m loving David’s spring baseball this year. He’s playing coach pitch (last year it was t-ball) and he’s doing really well. He plays 3rd base (and is the only infielder who is not a coaches kid). His throwing, catching, fielding and hitting has all gotten better in just the past 6 weeks. He is trying really hard to get better and we are very proud of him.
It’s also nice getting to know other kids and parents in our community (quite a few that he will go to elementary school with next year).
We are almost half way through the season and his team (the Dodgers) record is 3-3. He’s had quite a few good plays and scored every game at least once.
Here are a few pictures from one of his recent games.
Go Dodgers!

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