100 Things About Me

  1. I sleep walk. Often.
  2. I graduated from Samford U. with a degree that I’ve never used.
  3. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do.
  4. I enjoy photography and wish I was better.
  5. I sleep with my feet out of the covers and hanging off the bed, no matter how big the bed is.
  6. I’ve always though baseball is boring…unless David is playing, then I enjoy watching it. But we are taking him to a Birmingham Baron’s game soon. My idea. Imagine that.
  7. My favorite show in TV now is Modern Family. It almost trumps Friends from the 90’s.
  8. I start lots of projects and never finish them.
  9. Sewing is a hobby of mine, but I don’t like doing it when it’s for someone else. I feel pressured.
  10. I check facebook at least twice a day….but my iphone makes that really easy.
  11. I drink too much Diet Coke.
  12. I like to paint, especially the cutting in part around doors, windows, ceilings and floors.
  13. Being organized makes me happy, unfortunately, I’m not always organized.
  14. I like making lists and then checking things off said list.
  15. I learned how to ride a dirt bike in 2008 and only crashed once. But that crash was straight into a tree. I fell to the side and landed in a mud puddle 8 inches deep. Awesome.
  16. I had two minor surgeries in 2009 that took me nearly a year to completely recover from.
  17. I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
  18. I love David.
  19. I love Brad.
  20. Brad and I have been together since 1995 and married since 1998.
  21. Brad was my first boyfriend.
  22. I’m not a big fan of fruit, but I love vegetables.
  23. Even though I hate needles, I really wish I was a nurse.
  24. I don’t like beer or wine, but do like the mixed drinks.
  25. Even though I grew up in Clearwater, Florida – I love the mountains. I’d love to retire in North Carolina.
  26. I didn’t go to the beach a lot growing up, but I laid out a lot and always had a good tan.
  27. I love to camp. In our camper. Not a tent. Tents aren’t cool. Well, they were cool…until we got our camper.
  28. I’ve been to Cancun, the west coast of Mexico, Honduras and Venezuela. One day I want to go to New Zealand.
  29. I was in awe of the beauty of the Grand Canyon the first time I saw it that I cried.
  30. Hummingbirds in my yard make me happy.
  31. I like reality TV.
  32. I’ve tried so many times to start running, only to realize that I hate running.
  33. Even though I hate running I signed up for 2 half marathons in 2009. I completed them both, but in a very slow time (3+ hours) with lots of walking.
  34. Finishing each race made me want to immediately sign up for another one (I suppose I’m delirious at the end) but when I get home and think about actually training I change my mind.
  35. The past two years a group of my friends and I have Christmas caroled on Christmas Eve to shut ins and nursing homes. I plan to continue this tradition forever.
  36. I stay up way too late at night. Which makes for a grumpy Bethany many mornings.
  37. I love fall because of the beautiful colors in nature.
  38. I love spring because of the promise of new growth and life.
  39. I believe Jesus died for my sins.
  40. I’ve had 3 root canals. And three crowns.
  41. I have a great dentist and endodontist now. It only took me 13 years in Birmingham to find good ones.
  42. I have allergies and I hate my allergies.
  43. I miss my grandma. She wasn’t able to talk on the phone much in the past year, but I really wish I could call her up today. She’s been gone for a month.
  44. My grandma was the first family member (who I had a relationship with) to die. I realize that’s pretty unusual for my age.
  45. I made my great grandma’s swedish pancakes (i.e. crepes) recipe for dinner tonight.
  46. The fertilizer in our yard is finally killing our weeds, therefore I no longer need to pull them by hand. Brad thinks I’m crazy for pulling weeds by hand, but I’m typically too impatient to wait for the fertilizer to do the trick.
  47. Today is the first day I skipped my workout since April 4th. That makes me sad. I did mow the grass, so that counts (kinda).
  48. I think trailers for scary movies should NOT be allowed on network TV. I get freaked out by them. I do not watch scary movies.
  49. I get freaked out by shows like CSI where there is any amount of suspense.
  50. The movies I like best are comedies (or romantic comedies).
  51. I think American Idol is lame.
  52. I like working out (with P90X playing on my MacBook) while watching The Biggest Loser on TV.
  53. I often talk in my sleep, have conversations with Brad, sleep walk and see little people on the ceiling of our bedroom.
  54. I am terrified of cockroaches. I moved to Alabama to get away from them. Well, not really, but it sounds good.
  55. I’ve had this blog for 2 years now.
  56. I have about 3 readers. I love y’all!
  57. I want to move to the country.
  58. I love growing vegetables.
  59. I want to have chickens and eat their eggs. I will not eat the chickens because they will have names. And I don’t eat animals with names.
  60. I make green monster smoothies several times a week. They have raw spinach in them. David even likes them. Brad *says* he doesn’t like them, but I think it just wigs him out that it’s made with spinach.
  61. I like to make birthday cakes, but don’t do it much anymore because it’s a lot of work. I still make them for friends (occasionally) but will always make David’s birthday cakes.
  62. I don’t like pictures to be taken of me. Ever.
  63. I love that David wants Radar to sleep with him each night…and that David will be able to grow up with Radar.
  64. We have the coolest cat on the planet. Garfield sometimes is a bit too much in your face, but he’s sweet and highly affectionate. He’s a lap cat.
  65. I like hula hooping.
  66. I like jumping on our trampoline.
  67. I like working in the garden/yard.
  68. I think saving money is cool…and I use grocery store coupons weekly to save a lot.
  69. I don’t like rude/inconsiderate people.
  70. I have trouble keeping my car clean. I try to keep it clean. I really do.
  71. I like shopping at Publix. I hate shopping at Walmart.
  72. I don’t have any tattoos.
  73. I’ve had 2 jobs since graduating from college. I worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car for a year after graduating, then went to Vulcan in 2002. I’ve been at Vulcan ever since.
  74. I started at Vulcan as an Administrative Assistant and have been promoted twice – now I’m a Risk Analyst.
  75. I don’t have a degree to be doing what I’m doing….I guess they liked me enough to promote me!
  76. I like road trips.
  77. I love to laugh until I cry.
  78. I like the feeling of being really sore after a good workout (which normally doesn’t hit me until 2 days later).
  79. I wish I lived closer to Brad’s family in Florida.
  80. I put my pj’s on immediately when I get home from work.
  81. I like taking naps.
  82. I hate driving home when it’s dark outside.
  83. I love getting home during this time of year when we still have a couple hours of daylight to play.
  84. David starts kindergarten in August. While I am sad that he’s growing up so fast, I’m also excited about this new journey for him. We’ll see if I’m still so excited on day one of kindergarten.
  85. I am married to a great father and husband. Oh yeah, and he’s a pretty mean cook too.
  86. I have some great friends and neighbors.
  87. I wish I was a morning person and could workout then. Instead I start my workouts at 9:00 or 10:00 pm.
  88. I have a terrible drive to work. It takes me about an hour each way. If we move to the country we are hoping to both have a better drive to work (mostly interstate).
  89. I’ve been to some pretty cool cities: Aspen, San Francisco, New York City, Durango, Denver…and would like to visit them all again some day. Well, Durango, Aspen and Denver will happen next month. Yay!
  90. I’m a Gleek (I really like the new show on TV called Glee).
  91. I’m a sucker for musical theatre.
  92. I saw the Lion King on Broadway in New York City…on opening weekend.
  93. I enjoy listening to the questions that David asks….especially questions about God. Often times I don’t even know how to answer him, but it’s still pretty awesome that he asks.
  94. I don’t like chocolate candy.
  95. My iPhone and my MacBook are my two favorite presents ever received….and the most useful.
  96. I’ve never broken a bone or have had any injuries.
  97. I like it when I’m home alone and David and Brad are gone….I use those days to get lots of things done, like cleaning and laundry, which always take a back burner to anything / everything else.
  98. I wish I could play the guitar and banjo.
  99. I took piano lessons starting at 4 years old and quit at 18. I can still read music fairly well and if I were to pratice I could pick up many of the songs I used to play. I wish I had more time to pratice…as I actually enjoy playing now (I didn’t enjoy it so much in high school).
  100. THE END!

2 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. We have a lot in common! I sleep-walk all the time too, I put things I've already done on a list JUST so I can check it off, Chris was my first post-pre-teen boyfriend too, and I HATTTTE scary movie trailers. And oh yes – I'm totally terrified of cock roaches too.Great list!!!

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