Oak Mountain

A couple of weekends ago we camped at Oak Mountain. This was our third time camping there (and second in our camper). It’s a nice campground with many nice site. The main draw back is that there is not a pool. BIG bummer.

However, he took the camper out on Thursday and set us up – and since he arrived earlier than most campers he got the PRIME spot in the entire campground – or at least I thought so. We had a lot of privacy, we were in a cul-de-sac and very close to a good hiking trail. We were actually able to let the dogs off the leashes and they only wandered off once. Normally if there area lot of campers close by we have to keep them chained up the whole time. So it was a nice chance for them to hang out without being tied up.

Oh, and we now have a bug zapper. Hello, country folk! 🙂
We took a field trip to the Oak Mountain Petting Farm on Saturday. We saw this super cute baby donkey. Adorable.
And a cow. I adore cows.


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