Spooktacular Camping Weekend

This weekend, we camped at Stone Mountain. They were having their annual Pumpkin Festival, so the park was covered in pumpkins. Literally. There were pumpkin people all over the place, pumpkin scavenger hunts, pumpkin parades, pumpkin costume contests, pumpkin pie eating contests…in addition to the thousands of pumpkins placed all over the place. SO FUN!

My dad came out for the day on Saturday to spend some time with us. We had a lovely time together.

David did the zip line, even though he was so nervous waiting in line.

He helped me decorate the campsite for trick-or-treaters, even though we had none. 😦
Atop Stone Mountain with Grandpa.
Playing putt-putt. One of my least favorite activities. Ever. However, it was a really beautiful day out and we weren’t in any rush, so it was actually a nice game of putt-putt. Pretty sure I lost.
I hope you had a nice Halloween weekend.
Trick-or-treating pictures will follow soon.

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