After we skied at Keystone we drove over to Breckenridge (or Breck, as the locals call it) for dinner.


We parked at one end of the village (I don’t know if this is an accurate word for it, but it’s certainly much more quaint than a ‘city’) and walked to dinner at the other end.

We ate at this place called Empire Burger. It was delicious.


We saw lots of snow. Lots.


We saw lots of cute buildings – really close together – with lots more snow. I like this picture…I’m not sure why.


We saw ice sculptures.


And snow sculptures.

(Me, Angie, Trey, Donny and Bobby)

And ice cicles. Trey tried all afternoon to get one that he could break off and eat. He was successful.


We also saw Christmas trees…even though it was the end of January. Maybe it’s Christmas in Breckenridge all year long?? I could live there.


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