They did it!

Allison and David are finally married! Woo-hoo.

I’m so thankful that she asked me to play a part in their special day.
From folding paper cranes, stringing those cranes, untangling those cranes, hanging those cranes, to making her veil, collecting mason jars and picture frames, making headbands for the bridesmaids, to taking their engagement pictures (well, that was mostly Brad), to going shopping for all the food the day before the wedding with Allison and prepping that food, to throwing them an engagement party with some other friends a couple of months ago, to decorating the Mark’s house, to praying for NO RAIN….and thankfully we got very little rain.
The wedding was so perfect – in every way. I seriously don’t think it could have been any better.
She was stunning.
He was handsome.
Their friends were there to support them (and help). Family all got along (and when does that actually happen when two new families come together?).
Their vows were the best ever said.
I’m so excited to see them start their new life together. So glad to be their friend. Love these two.

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