DIY – Football Poster

This Sunday is our pep rally for all of the Chelsea Football/Cheerleaders. I decided to make a big poster of David to hang on the fence at all of our home games (starting with the pep rally tomorrow).
I didn’t find this idea on Pinterest, but it should be there. Slightly obsessed with Pinterest, by the way.
What you will need:
– 20×30 poster on photo paper (so it’s stronger than a regular poster)
– 20×30 foam core board
– Rubber Cement (buy the no-wrinkle, acid free kind that is safe for pictures)
Who knew they still even made rubber cement? The last time I used it was in 5th grade. Seriously. That was, um, 21 years ago. Oh em gee.
You will spread the rubber cement on the foam core board and on the back of the picture – small amounts at at time because it dries pretty quick. Smooth it out as you go.
If you accidentally get rubber cement on the front of the picture – it’s okay – as it will rub right off when it dries.
The picture below shows the depth of the foam core board. It’s not super thick but enough to be sturdy when it’s hanging on the fence. And I hope to salvage it after the season and hang it in the play room.

The finished product!

Next up – I’m making a football burlap door hangar for our front door. Will post pictures when I’m done.

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