Season Champs

This morning was the championship game for the 5 and 6 year olds.  

David’s team ended the regular season 2nd place.  They played Tuesday night (while daddy/coach was out of town – and who insisted on play by play texts throughout the game…I may or may not have failed at the play by play texts.    I got this video that I posted a few days ago of his last second three to seal up the win.

They won that game and played in the semi-finals on Thursday and won.

And today was the championship game.  Against one of his best buddies team.  Such a hard position to be in.  I wanted to cheer for Walker and for him to have a great game (but I wanted David to win).  I can’t WAIT until middle school when all of his friends are on the SAME team. 
In the first quarter we were trailing by 7, then came back to tie it up in the second quarter.  The rest of the game was a real nail biter.  There was lots of cheering, nerves, great shots and great blocks from both sides.  The other team was undefeated the whole season and truly played a great game today.   We came out on top this time.  David scored 18 of our 19 points today.  
I’m loving the double 5’s that Eli is giving Brad.  

The team with their trophies.

David and Coach after the game.

David and Walker.  Good friends.  Before and after the game.  

Now it’s time to move on to BASEBALL!!!!  First game is this weekend.


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