Easter Fun

We spent yesterday with some family friends who invited us to their Easter festivities.  Ashlee is quite the hostess (as is her sister, who we spent Thanksgiving with).  
Here is just one of the decorated tables….

Meme is working away on the food in the kitchen here.  It was all delicious.

 Meme and Papa gave the kids a very nice Easter basket…look what David found in some of his eggs.

There was an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  We let the little kids have a two minute head start, then we let the big kids go.

Then there were a couple pinatas for the kids to bust.  After every one had two swings at this duck and it still wasn’t broken….

Wade took a wooden baseball bat to it.  

You know what happens next….

After the hunt, the kids challenged the adults to a game of baseball.  So David went to get his baseball bag out of the truck.  He looks very serious about this.

But we used a whiffle ball and plastic bat.  Much fun was had by everyone.  We played a cross between baseball and kickball, since we could throw the ball at someone to get them out.



Brad almost got caught stealing home.  How does that happen???


Check out David’s (blurry) form….do we have a major league pitcher on our hands?  Too bad this was the hit that Brad hit it out of the park (uh, yard) on….


All the boys, with their baskets.  
It really sucks living so far away from family (especially around holidays)….but this family has welcomed us in with open arms and we are so so so thankful for them.  


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