5th in State

All Star season is over.  My boy did fantastic playing first base.  He spent a little bit of time playing short stop, but most of the season he was at first.  He’s got great heart and drive and is a great ball player.

It’s very bittersweet that the season is over.  We had a great time….I loved getting to hang with my friends pretty much every day….but it’s also nice to have some free nights to do what we want.  David and Brad were at the ball field almost every night during All Star season and I went to a good majority of those practices too.  Having nothing to do is a little….dare I say it….boring!

But it won’t be for too long since football starts next weekend.

Our boys finished 5th in state and I couldn’t be more proud of them.  We played some tough teams and they dealt with some pretty terrible parents and coaches when they played Huffman.  They kept doing their best.  This is the best group of boys.

David and Ashlee – his newly adopted aunt.  She seriously is the greatest aunt ever….she came to every single game that these boys played.  Her nephew is one of David’s best friends.

And here is Coach Wade, the boys head coach this All Star season.


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