Last Monday Brad and I decided to go to Florida.  On Tuesday.  Like the next day-Tuesday.  Yep….we are big planners.  And never do anything on spur of the moment.

We left Tuesday after work and drove about half way, then woke up Wednesday and were in New Port Richey by 1:00.  We enjoyed a lovely 4th of July with our family and some neighbors.  David had a ball with his cousins and they swam the afternoon away.

The rest of the long weekend we just spend lots of time together, watched a movie, swam, went to the beach and went bowling.  Leslee and I spent a few hours a couple days in a row canning veggies.  We canned apple butter, pickled green tomatoes, pickles, two kinds of salsa and picked eggs (for my brother-in-law).

Do you think I took pictures?  Of course I did.  However, I can’t find my CF card.  Seriously.  It’s not in my camera.  I have no idea where it is….and until I find it I won’t have any pictures from our vacation.  : (

So, just pretend you see some great pictures here.  Ok?


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