Currently I am

Loving: the two zinnias growing on my front porch

Reading: The Athena Project, pretty good, but I can’t seem to finish it

Excited about: my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Georgia

Missing: My family in Florida – we had such a great vacation earlier this month and I want to go back

Trying to: eat less sugar.  I’m not doing so well.

Goal Setting: complete the Couch to 5K program with success this time.  I’m on week 2.  I still hate running.

Working on: Marketing materials for a fall photography special, it’ll be done this week.

Watching: Big Brother – I’ve never watched before, but I’m hooked.  Dumb, I know.

Trying to: Cook meals at home and not eat out.  We’ve done really well with this too.

Listening to: Pandora – Today’s Hits station.

Creating: new shelves in my pantry and a shelf to display David’s trophies

Eating: Panera Fuji Apple salad with apple chips.  I make my own version at home and it’s amazing.


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