Family, Fun and Florida

On Monday a few weeks ago I called my sister-in-law and asked if they minded if we could stay with them for a quick trip to Florida we were hoping to take.  Of course she said no problem.  When I told her we wanted to leave the next day I thought she’d change her mind. But she just laughed.  So the next afternoon after work we drove a little over half way, then woke up on Wednesday and got to her house by about noon.

It was a great trip.  We spent an hour or two at the beach, which David LOVED.

Pa even joined us, in jeans.  He hates the beach, but he still came out to visit with us.

We swam.

And swam…

We bowled, had a 4th of July party with Leslee and Rich’s neighbors.

We played pool.  A lot.

David practiced his pitching….

Nice form, huh?  Maybe we have a pitcher in our future.

We spent our few days in Florida hanging out with family, canning stuff, going shopping (mainly for jars and veggies – more on that later), doing Zumba (well just the older girls) and watching movies.

We had a fabulous time….I love my family.


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