Bethany Camp

Last weekend I invited some little friends over for Camp Bethany.  These girls are all older sisters of David’s best buddies and they had asked me earlier this summer if I’d invite them over to do crafts.  So we finally did it – on the last day of summer.

First the girls arrived and we did a little photo shoot in the backyard.

Then we went inside to start the crafting.  I gave the girls 6 choices a week before Bethany Camp and they each got to choose their favorite….then they all got to do each girls choice.  I also got the girls to give me the colors of their rooms – so that everything could match the colors they like.

They decided on doing a yarn wrapped vase, paint chip art and a yarn wrapped wreath with monogrammed initial.

I picked up the following:
– 11×14 canvases
– paint chips
– yarn
– glass vases
– straw wreaths
– wooden letters
– flowers for embellishments

I already had the following:
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– mod podge
– paint for the wooden letters

We started by having the girls wrap glass vases with yarn.  I had to help hot glue the yarn in place and then each time they changed colors.  If I did this again I would use a straight glass vase – the curve of the vase made it a little challenging to wrap.  The girls used little flowers to embellish the vases.

Then we moved on to the yarn wrapped wreaths.  Two of the girls stuck with one solid color and one of the girls changed colors on the wreath.  After they wrapped the yarn we hot glued their painted initial on the wreath.

We finished up with the paint chip art.  I went to a local big box store and picked up some paint chips.  I cut them into odd shapes (the girls helped do this too) and then we hot glued them onto canvases.  Once the paint chips were all glued on they finished it off by mod podging over the paint chips.

Here’s the finished paint chip art projects.  Aren’t they adorable?  I now wish I had made one of my own.  Maybe I will.

When the girls left they asked if we could do Bethany Camp next month.  Ha!   Let’s plan on next summer, girls.

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