The accidental purchase of 63 pounds of apples

This weekend I was in Georgia to do a photo session with one of my dearest friends and her little family.  See our Herrington Photography blog for some sneak peaks, if you are interested.

While in Georgia we visited with my mom and Clint and stayed with them.  It was a quick 20 hour trip, but we had a lot of fun.  I dropped David off at mom’s camper while I did the photo session.  The three of them went shopping….David came home with a few word search puzzle books – his FAVORITE!  He spent almost the entire evening completing puzzles.

On Sunday morning before we left, mom took us to an apple barn not too far from where they are staying – Panorama Farm Market.

This place was huge and so fun to walk around in.  They had everything you can think of related to apples (and tons of other fruits).  Jam.  Jelly.  Preserves.  Compote.  BBQ sauce.  Cider.  Pies.  Syrup.  Candy.  Salsa.  Etc.  It was amazing.  They also had vegetables.

David found the sample table and ate three samples of Apple Salsa…and that happened to be one of the things I bought.  I’ve since tried to match the ingredients to a recipe online (I’d love to can some of my own) but there doesn’t seem to be a recipe anywhere.  Sad day….because this stuff is awesome.


Check out this amazing place.  I so wish we had one close to Birmingham.


Here is a picture of the giant box of apples we picked from…..


Mom was picking apples and putting them into her box and I also got a box for me.  I am planning on making apple butter for the fall.  Well, we weigh the apples (the picture below shows only half of what we got…and it doesn’t do it justice that box looks so small but it’s because the apples are HUGE and that scale is also huge).  It was after the guy put the apples in my car and I paid for everything that I realized mom was filling a box for ME.  I couldn’t really take them back… that’s how this girl ended up with 63 pounds of apples.

Mom reminded me that they live in a camper now (after selling their house and planning to travel the country) and she doesn’t have room for 5 pounds of apples let alone 30 pounds.

I’m going to be busy this weekend making apple butter.  Good thing it’s a hit among my friends….I’ve already got a ton of people wanting to buy some from me for Christmas/fall.



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