Month of Thankfulness – Day Seven:

Here is Brad’s Facebook post from today (I, too, am thankful for this woman – I just hate that I’ve got to wait to get to Heaven to meet her for the first time):

“Ok….so I never participate in these “30 days of…” things. But here is my one and only post on this one.

Today… I am thankful for my mom who was born on this day 64 years ago. While specific memories fade as time passes, I am forever grateful for the life lessons she instilled in me during the 18 years I shared with her. She spent her professional life as a nurse, caring for and serving others. She spent her personal life loving her family unconditionally, through good and bad, through sickness and health, and forgoing her own wants for the needs of her family.

And…I’m forever thankful to a small group of men and women who stepped into my life many years ago and helped me through her loss. Many of you don’t even have a clue the impact your hug, kind word, home cooked meal, or just time spent together had on me.” – Brad Herrington


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