The perfect tree

For the past few years we have driven to Boone, NC (to Circle C farm) to cut down our Christmas tree.  You can read about why we don’t just cut down our tree in Alabama by clicking here.  This year we opted to go to a different Christmas Tree farm.  We ended up at Reed Island Christmas Tree Farm just outside of Hillsville, VA.  This was about the half way point from DC, so it worked.

We loved this farm.  It was on the most beautiful piece of land, in a mountain valley with a small river running along the property and provided the most beautiful trees.  We met and talked to the owners for a while and found they also have a small band called the Reed Island Rounders and will be in Birmingham in January (we may go hear them).  And David made a new friend – the husky named Minnitonka or something like that.  We got a fresh wreath for the front door and an ornament from the workshop at the farm.

While we really like the farm we’ve been to in Boone, these trees are so much better.  I’m not sure why….the owner doesn’t use pesticides – it’s an all natural/organic farm….maybe that’s why?

This was the first tree we all said we liked and even after walking around for another 10 minutes it ended up being the tree we brought home.  The boys there helped wrap it in a sheet and tie it to the trailer grate on the back of the Jeep.  It stuck out 1 or more feet on each side, luckily no mailboxes or trees were hit on the way home.

We stood it up in its place at home last night when we got home, but tonight we will decorate it.  I’ll try to get some good pictures and post them later.

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