New Years Eve

So it’s been a few month since New Years Eve, but I wanted to go ahead and post a few pictures from that fun night.  Some great friends invited us to their country club to do the ball drop again this year with the kids.  The nice thing is that it’s from 6:00pm to 9:00pm so we got home and were off the roads before the crazies got out.





This was the same night that I stayed up and watched the first 6 episodes of 24.  I’ve never seen the show before, but I was hooked.  I couldn’t stop watching and think I was up until about 3:00 am watching (as Brad snored next to me).

THEN, the next night I had the worst nightmare of my life….like the WORST.  I screamed, woke Brad up, jumped out of bed and started running for the bedroom door.  Brad had to yell at me to get out of it….then I sat on the edge of the bed and sobbed for 10 minutes.  It was awful.  Apparently, this girl is a chicken.  No more 24 for me.  😦



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