Freezer Cooking – 12 (or really 36) meals in 6 hours

UPDATED ON 2/1/2014:
We are doing another freezer cooking day tomorrow!  I would say this January cooking was a huge success.  However, there was one meal that was horrendous – the pepper steak.  So if you follow any of the recipes on these attachments – do NOT make this one.  All others were delicious!  

A friend and I got together this weekend to do some freezer cooking.  I’ve seen blog, Pinterest and Facebook posts for years about it and have always wanted to try it myself.

So when my friend, Michele, shared a blog post on facebook about it – I thought maybe she’d really want to do it with me (she’s married, is an assistant principle, is a basketball coach along with her husband and has four kids who each have a busy schedule)…she jumped at it!

We met at Sam’s Club last week to buy everything.  We decided to split the cost of it 1/3 – me, and 2/3 – her, since she will need to double the recipes to feed her crew.  It worked out wonderfully.  We were able to pick up 75% of our stuff at Sam’s Club and I grabbed the remaining items at Walmart.

The unfortunate part of all these freezer cooking blog posts is that everyone makes it sound so easy.  One lady said she made 40 meals in 4 hours – from prep to clean up.  She lied.  There is no way.  Michele and I worked for 6 hours and made 12 meals (well, really 36 meals when you triple it).  But still, we had TWO people working the entire time.  But (we think) we’d still do it again….just imagine the time we will save cooking over the next month….and it’s so much healthier then running through the drive thru after practice because I’m so exhausted I can’t imagine cooking dinner.  The good part about us working together is we were able to split the cost up, save the left over items for next freezer cooking day (like the freezer bags, seasonings, etc), and best of all – we really had fun doing it.  🙂

After I posted a picture of our goods on facebook last night a few friends asked for the recipes we used and one friend (Kandice!) asked for the recipes, shopping list and menu….so I’m gonna post them all here.  This will not only be good to share with whoever wants it, but to also good for us to refer back to next time.

Our thought is that we’d repeat the recipes that were big hits, trash the ones we didn’t care for and add some new ones to the mix.

Here’s our menu (with a picture below of just what I took home, which is 1/3 of what we did).  Each recipe is listed in this link:  Freezer Meals

1. Savory pepper steak-not pictured
2. Honey bourbon crockpot chicken
3. Pineapple chicken burritos
4. Cilantro lime chicken
5. Crockpot Mongolian beef
6. Crockpot Honey Garlic chicken
7. Chicken spaghetti-my crew ate this tonight
8. Baked ziti
9. Chicken enchiladas
10. Honey lime chicken
11. Taco soup
12. Chili
I made labels for each freezer bag or tin pan.  I’m sharing this with you, but please disregard the formatting – it’s terrible and I’m about to break out in hives because of this but I don’t have time to fix this – let’s all pretend everything is lined up and pretty:  Freezer labels
And the last thing is the shopping list I created with everything we needed to buy.  There were some things that I already had on hand I didn’t need to buy, so be sure you look at each recipe first before assuming what’s on this list is all you will need:  Ingredient List
So, there you have it.  If you make any of these recipes let me know.  Or if you’ve tried others that you love let me know that, too.  I’d like to add some other ideas to the mix.

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