5th in State

All Star season is over.  My boy did fantastic playing first base.  He spent a little bit of time playing short stop, but most of the season he was at first.  He’s got great heart and drive and is a great ball player.

It’s very bittersweet that the season is over.  We had a great time….I loved getting to hang with my friends pretty much every day….but it’s also nice to have some free nights to do what we want.  David and Brad were at the ball field almost every night during All Star season and I went to a good majority of those practices too.  Having nothing to do is a little….dare I say it….boring!

But it won’t be for too long since football starts next weekend.

Our boys finished 5th in state and I couldn’t be more proud of them.  We played some tough teams and they dealt with some pretty terrible parents and coaches when they played Huffman.  They kept doing their best.  This is the best group of boys.

David and Ashlee – his newly adopted aunt.  She seriously is the greatest aunt ever….she came to every single game that these boys played.  Her nephew is one of David’s best friends.

And here is Coach Wade, the boys head coach this All Star season.


Chelsea All Star Poster

This is my first attempt at making a sports poster for David’s All Star team.  I am printing these 20×30 am selling them to our team parents.  This same picture will also be put on the back of t-shirts that they can order too.

PS – I know my blog has turned into all photography lately….it’s really all that I’m spending my free time doing now…but I intend to get back to crafting once life slows down a bit.  Hmmm, let’s hope that happens….

Moody Invitational Champs

This was our first weekend of All Star games and we played in the Moody Invitational.  The boys played Clay, Clanton and then Clay again.  They won all three games and thus were the Moody Invitational Champs!

They played really well and definitely deserved this title.  Next weekend we’ll have another tournament – hopefully we can pull out some more wins.  🙂

It’s All Star Time

David made the 7U All Star team this year and we are so proud of him.  He’s playing first now and is doing really well at that position.

We’ve got a great looking group of boys.  It’s always fun coming together at the end of regular season baseball and playing with some of your best buddies.

Season Champs

This morning was the championship game for the 5 and 6 year olds.  

David’s team ended the regular season 2nd place.  They played Tuesday night (while daddy/coach was out of town – and who insisted on play by play texts throughout the game…I may or may not have failed at the play by play texts.    I got this video that I posted a few days ago of his last second three to seal up the win.

They won that game and played in the semi-finals on Thursday and won.

And today was the championship game.  Against one of his best buddies team.  Such a hard position to be in.  I wanted to cheer for Walker and for him to have a great game (but I wanted David to win).  I can’t WAIT until middle school when all of his friends are on the SAME team. 
In the first quarter we were trailing by 7, then came back to tie it up in the second quarter.  The rest of the game was a real nail biter.  There was lots of cheering, nerves, great shots and great blocks from both sides.  The other team was undefeated the whole season and truly played a great game today.   We came out on top this time.  David scored 18 of our 19 points today.  
I’m loving the double 5’s that Eli is giving Brad.  

The team with their trophies.

David and Coach after the game.

David and Walker.  Good friends.  Before and after the game.  

Now it’s time to move on to BASEBALL!!!!  First game is this weekend.

All Stars – State Tournament

Well, All Stars has been over for a few weeks now…so it’s high time I update about the season.

It was GREAT! They came in….
Second in Invitational.
First in District.
Second in Area.
Third in the STATE!!!!! Woo to the hoo!
They played hard and were coached well.
Next up, football, baby. 🙂 Practice starts next Monday. Brad is head coach. I’m team mom. Let the craziness commence.

Area Champions!

Last weekend our Chelsea 6U All Stars played in Wilsonville. AND won that Area Championship! They played 6 games in 4 days. The team that we had to play (twice) to win the championship had already beat us 3 times. But the boys dug deep and played hard and came out on top. I thought Brad was going to have a heart attack on the field!!

It was a great weekend!


David and his best friend, Ethan:


Love this: