Basketball Game #3

Team Herrington had a game this morning.  It was a big win (25-7).  David scored 15, Kalob scored 6 and Triston scored 4.  
Here is David guarding one of his best buddies (on the opposite team). 

This is one of our plays.  David walks the ball down the court and calls “ONE”.  They then line up a row right at the top of the three point line.  Then David yells “GO” and the all run and spread out.  David will either run the ball in to try and shoot a layup or pass the ball to one of the teammates who is open.

David and Davis.  Love these two.  


Basketball Season is Upon Us

Basketball season is in full swing.  We’ve had two games and our record is 1-1.  
David is #23 below.  

Here he is shooting two foul shots.

W. and David before their first game of the season (playing against each other).  

Sugar Cookies

I’ve recently been encouraged by a sweet friend of mine, Amanda, and the sugar cookies she’s been making. She’s actually selling them (and doing great, by the way) – she has her own company and website now. She made 150 cookies over one weekend for an event recently. Wowzers.

I’m not looking to sell mine, but I think they are fun to make. I’ve always made cakes but they are so so so time consuming that the cookies are actually more enjoyable to make.
I made some Valentine’s cookies for David to take to school on February 14th. I wrapped each one up and attached a heart that he signed.

And this weekend I made some basketball cookies for his end of the season basketball party. This time I used orange extract instead of vanilla and they were so yum.


We won, we won! Oh, yeah, and so did Duke.

Recently, a blogger friend of mine announced a contest she was having to see who could pick the best (and worst) bracket. Brad and I (and now David) are Duke fans….so I picked Duke to win. All of my friends thought I was crazy because Duke had no chance of winning. Well, I filled out my bracket and joined Rachel’s group on David had his own bracket too – which was just picked haphazardly at random. He picked Georgia Tech to win (which definitely wasn’t going to happen).

The person with the best bracket would win a prize….and the worst (kids) bracket would also win a prize. I’m thrilled to say that DUKE won last night, and I won the prize for the best bracket. Actually there was a tie, and the final score I picked was the tie breaker.
Click here to see her post….and the fact that I actually did win something (I believe this is the second time ever to win anything in my life). It’s very exciting stuff. 🙂
I love the frames she made as the winners prize and David will absolutely adore the monster bowl he won.
Go Duke! Thanks for winning for me.

Basketball and Demolition (luckily not at the same time)

David has started playing basketball this fall at the local gym. He was very excited about the first practice but when we got there he was a little clam and wouldn’t participate. He started like this – holding the ball and not looking at anyone….
Or only at us….
Then his coach got him to shoot some baskets….He opened up to the kids and actually started enjoying it with about 5 minutes left in the practice. His second practice went much better and he was being a little champ on the court. We think he’s really going to enjoy playing. His first game in December 13th.

So about a year after we started talking about it we are finally building bookshelves in the office. This was day one – David helped Brad rip up the carpet and molding. I’ll post more pictures as we make progress.


This weekend we went to a little friend’s 2nd birthday party across town. We don’t get to hang with these friends very often (K & J), but when we do we have a good time. David had the best time playing basketball in their backyard. We’ve played at the YMCA a few times but the basket they have for the kids is still too tall for him. Check out the second picture – his little feet are just barely off the ground. He’s got good form….or so I like to think! 🙂 David continues to tell us that he’s going to play basketball at our alma matter.