…you love your Sammy-dog and Radar and Kitty.
…you always want Radar to sleep with his head on one of your pillows in your bed.
…you are a little super star and the quarterback of the Chelsea K/1 Hornets!
…your best buddies are in “The Group”.
…your favorite restaurant is Pablos.
…you love all of my girlfriends and have decided you want to marry each of them at different points in your little life so far.
…you love to go camping.
…you made the 6 year old All Star team this year and played first base.
…your favorite toy is any kind of gun, especially Nerf guns.
…you got your first love note this year and you tell me your girlfriend is a girl who cheers for your football team, named Taylor Wise. She is also in your first grade class.
…you are really good at riding your bike and always wear your helmet, even though you don’t want to.
…you are quite the band wagon fan and don’t stick with one team from year to year (except Samford and the Gators). I wonder who you will cheer for this year? Auburn or Alabama.
…you love green monster smoothies.
…you like playing football and baseball, but your favorite sport is basketball.
…you have a very sensitive heart and have a lot of compassion for people and animals.
…you know more about football than I ever have and love to watch it on TV.
…you got your first cavity this year.
…you wear size 3 shoes.
…you still don’t watch much TV, but you like to watch Americas Funniest Home Videos with me…we both like to watch people fall, and then laugh at them. A lot.
…you love to play board games, especially The Game of Life (thanks, Cara).
…you are very healthy and have only been sick three times in your entire life.
…you are a math whiz and love to read.
…you have Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Watts for first grade and they are awesome.
…you have 34 classmates in your first grade class.
…you like to help me bake.
…you have started rolling your eyes and sighing at us when we ask you to do something that you don’t want to do.
…you like me to snuggle-bug you at night.
…you love to eat my crepes for breakfast and that makes me so happy.
…you love to play in the sprinkler and help us wash the trucks.
…you remind me to me recycle.
…your favorite songs are “All I do is Win” and “Firework”.
…you like the dance around the house in your boxers.
…you have developed a little attitude this year and show your hiney when you get mad.
…you took good care of me when I had a couple surgeries this year.
…you always leave your socks all over the house.
…one of your favorite activities is jumping on our trampoline.
…you go to the Y after school and the counselors adore.
…you are too old for the pumpkin patch and don’t want to go this year. 😦
…you like to build things with Legos.
…your favorite fruit is strawberries.
…your favorite teams are the Celtics, the Heat and the Gators. Your favorite pro players are Lebron James, Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton.
…you like to dive into our bed from the bed post.
…you get annoyed with me taking pictures of you, but I can normally bribe you.
…you like anything remote control.
…you are funny and make me laugh all the time.
…when I take pictures with my iphone you always ask if I’m going to put it on facebook.
…you have recently become independent more than ever before. This makes me sad and happy all at the same time.
…you tell us you want to go to Samford University.
…you like for me to rub your back and you always return the favor.
…I embarrass you when you are around your friends, but you still like to snuggle with me.
…you are my heart.

I love this boy.

Turning 32…

…wasn’t so bad. In fact it was great. Having a birthday on Saturday is just wonderful. Especially since it was the nicest weekend we’ve had around these parts since – um, October.
Brad let me sleep in. Hallelujah!
Then David and his basketball team won their game in the a.m. My little star scored 7 points. 🙂
Then we ate a late breakfast at Huddle House.
Then we went to Tannehill for a hike. Brad planned to get a few pictures of me and big Dave.


We hiked a few miles. And were kept laughing the whole time.


After being at Tannehill for a few hours we came home to get dressed and then head off to dinner at my favorite restaurant.
Brad surprised me by having my best friend join us for dinner. I know that Cara’s school schedule is crazy right now and that she wouldn’t be able to join us (that girl studies every single night of the week and on weekends)… when she knocked on the door and I saw her I nearly jumped up and down.
This is our second annual birthday dinner at Bernie’s on Main (which is my favorite place to eat). I am so glad she joined us. Dinner was fabulous and the company of Cara and my family was great.
To top it off Brad gave me some brand new fabric scissors – that I’ve been wanting for a long time. These scissors made this girl very happy. I know being giddy over some scissors sounds completely ridiculous to most people…but if you are a crafter at all – you’ll probably understand. He also gave me a light box for taking pictures of my stuff to either sell or post here. I haven’t used it yet, but will very soon. Just wait.
Brad is so good at always making my birthday something special. I love that man.

So that I don’t forget


…you turn 6 years old today.
…your favorite color is blue, or orange, depending on the day.
…your favorite fruit is strawberries and pineapple.
…you love playing football and are a darn good center.
…you tell us that you want to go to Samford University and play basketball like Trey Montomery.
…you aren’t a big TV watcher, but your favorite TV shows are Americas Funniest Home Videos and Minute to Win it.
…you want a husky.
…you love vanilla yogurt.
…you aren’t a huge stuffed animal fan (you only have 3).
…you love green monster smoothies and think it’s fun to add the spinach (or as you call them leaves)
…you like for me to rub your back every night while I count to 60 seconds when I tuck you in to bed.
…you don’t have best friends – you have best buddies.
…you love to hang out with my girlfriends…and they all adore you.
…you want to marry Allison Kirk (she’s engaged and 25 years too old for you, sorry!)
…you are very smart and scored 15 (on letter sounds) and 31 (on letter recognition) on the DIBELS testing for Kindergarten (benchmark was 8 on both).
…you sound like a politician walking through the hallways at school because you know everyone and are sure to say hi to them all.
…you are excellent at playing your Wii games.
…you always want Radar to sleep with you.
…you like to camp and go for hikes.
…you are a good baseball player and made the 5 year old All Star team this year.
…you are a very well behaved little boy, and everyone tells us this all the time.
…you play basketball anytime, anywhere. If there is a ball or anything resembling a ball and a basket or anything resembling a basket, you will play.
…you have great compassion for all animals.
…you love to go on bike rides.
…you have a very sensitive heart.
…you can already count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
…your favorite toys are your DSi and any type of ball (football, baseball, tennis ball, beach ball).
…you know more about college football than I do.
…you haven’t lost a tooth yet.
…you only like to sleep in boxers.
…you often think about our three Compassion kids and want to send them more money, you love to get letters from them.
…you have a vivid imagination.
…you are 51 pounds.
…you love all things sports.
…you are finally getting the hang of swimming and can swim under water but are still working on coming up for air.
…you like to paint on canvases, just like mama.
…you wear shoe size 3.
…you are a math whiz, for a Kindergartener.
…you are very healthy and have only been sick twice in your entire life.
…you like to eat healthy foods.
…you told us this year that you are now an Alabama fan because they are the National Champs.
…but you are still a Gator fan!
…you love jumping on our trampoline.
…you like to help me bake.
…you like to watch the garbage truck go by.
…you love your family and say you want to move to Florida so you can live near them.
…you love school and learning.
…you are my heart.
I love this boy.

6 Year Old Birthday Fun

Yesterday we celebrated David’s 6th birthday at Leeds Memorial Park. It was a great day and the weather was perfect. Being that football is totally consuming our lives right now (which is fine with us and super FUN) he asked for a football party.
We had about 40 people there, half of those being kids. There were family friends, school friends and football friends. The boys had a great time playing chase, throwing the football,
searching for lobsters (aka crawfish, aka water roaches – gross),
playing hiding go seek, hula hooping

and kicking around the soccer balls. The girls had nothing to do with the boys and stayed far far away. I don’t blame them. 🙂
Keeping with the football theme we served football stadium type foods (hot dogs, nachos and cheese, popcorn and football shaped Oreo cookies – which, by the way, aren’t as good as original Oreos).

We played Football toss (the kids had to throw the ball through a suspended hula hoop and each time they made it they had to step farther away from the hoop)…the winner was the one who could keep throwing it through the hoop the farthest away.

David won the first time, so I let the kids play again (is it ok that the birthday boy wins at his own birthday party?) Well, he won the second time too.

So we moved onto Hot Football (played like Hot Potato to the Peanut Butter and Jelly song – if you haven’t heard it – you should…it’s cute).

My dear friend, Emily, came with her daughter Ava. Ava is trying to learn how to walk – and she took two steps for us. Isn’t she a doll? Ummmm, yes. Emily made her shirt that says “Team Davis”.

And this is my other awesome friend, Cara, holding Ava.

I made David’s birthday cake (I always do)…and this year I had planned to just make a football field and draw a big football (in icing) on the top. Instead, Brad challenged me to make a 3-D football for the top of it.
It took 4 cake mixes (yes, I used boxed mixes if anyone cares – they are way better than homemade in my opinion – but I do make my own icing…store bought icing isn’t nearly as good as my homemade kind – again in my opinion). Can you tell I don’t have an english degree? My grammar and punctuation is terrible. But this is my blog – so I can do what I want. 🙂
Brad originally wanted me to put the football standing up on end. Yeah, right. So this is what I came up with.
And look, I even got the age right this time (unlike I did on his 4th birthday).

Overall, we had a fantastic day celebrating our Big Dave turning 6.

The greatest weekend

My birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day….however Brad makes it feel like it’s not. His birthday is two days after Christmas and I’m sure I always make Brad feel like it is. The Christmas holiday always overtakes his birthday. I try to make it special for him, but typically fail at that. He, however, does not disappoint.

On Friday (my birthday) I woke up to a new docking station for my iphone. I can now charge it and listen to the music on it or even listen to a local radio station. It’s awesome. I was pleased as punch about it when I hooked it up at work.
I came home early (because it SNOWED) and picked up David around noon. We had about an inch and David and I had a snowball fight and built a tiny snowman. I gathered up some clean snow and will try to make snow icecream soon too. It’s currently still frozen in the freezer. David and I made some extra snowballs and when Brad came home we had a quick snowball fight with him.

For dinner Brad invited a great friend of mine (Cara) to go to Bernie’s on Main with us. It’s my favorite restaurant in Columbiana. The meal was fabulous. We came home and he had bought me my favorite carrot cake from Edgar’s Bakery and played on the Wii, then watched some Olympics and Brad had one more present for me. I opened the card (which was lovingly created by David) and saw a picture of my BIG present…..
A MacBook Pro.
I about flipped out. We have been talking about getting a lap top and we threw around the idea of getting a mac, but then Brad dismissed the idea a few weeks back. So this came as a complete shock.
He customized it with an extra program and since he did that it shipped from China. So we should have it at some point this week. I can’t wait!
Saturday some good friends watched David for us and we went to dinner at the Melting Pot, then went to see Edge of Darkness (a non-Bethany movie). It was super suspenseful and a good story line. Brad said it was okay but was missing about 45 minutes of “shoot ’em up” action. Of course to him it wasn’t suspenseful at all. I guess he’s seen enough of that kind of movie to know what was coming. I sat with my eyes covered for 1/4 of the movie and screamed out loud twice.
Sunday we did nothing. Cara came over and we ate lunch together and watched Couples Retreat while Brad played on his PS3 and David napped. He gave me a really cute cookie boquet for Valentine’s Day.
This was a great birthday/Valentine’s weekend.

Brad made me feel so special all weekend long. I’m off work today since David was out of school, but back to the grindstone tomorrow. At least I have a new computer to look forward to playing with very soon.

David’s 5th Birthday Weekend

Last week/weekend we celebrated David’s birthday….pretty much every day. Sunday we went to dinner with some girlfriends (David was the only boy, but he didn’t care). My friend, Amy, was moving out of town so a couple girlfriends went to dinner. The band (of a couple of guys and a big water jug) sang Happy Birthday to David. The jug didn’t sing (and I’m not meaning one of the guys was a water jug….I mean they used the jug as a drum). They served him a sopapilla(?). It was pretty good…and he thought it was cool.
Me, David, Amy, Lila (her twin, Grayson, stayed home that night), Heather and Allison.
Tuesday I took off at 2:30 and went to David’s school to celebrate his actual birthday with his class. I made a killer cookie cake and another mom brought in cup cakes (a friend of David’s was born on the exact same day as David).
Cayden and David (Cayden is the boy who shares David’s same birthday).
Ms. Maria is David’s 5k teacher. She’s super sweet.After we celebrated with his class we left to go to the park for an hour or so. Then we met up with a friend for dinner at Pettrucelli’s. The waitress knew it was David’s birthday (the helium balloons I brought in and sat on the table gave it away) and after dinner she brought him a great big piece of cake with ice cream. Cara and I sang him Happy Birthday (quietly, so we didn’t embarrass him).

On Thursday night David’s Pa Pop rode his motorcycle up from Florida to spend the weekend with us. He stayed home on Friday with Pa while Brad and I went to work. They had fun hanging out (went to breakfast at IHOP, then Lowe’s, then met me for lunch at my office, then to the BMW motorcycle store, then to the park).

I’ll share pictures of his b/day party later. I’m heading to bed now.

Can’t believe my boy is already 5 years old!