We sponsor three children through Compassion International and I love reading when other bloggers (you know the real ones who actually post great stuff and have thousands of followers) go on trips with Compassion to meet the kids that are in the program. The purpose of their trips are to have the bloggers blog about the trip…put their trip into pictures and words…which will hopefully encourage their blog readers to sponsor children who are currently not being sponsored. I think it’s a fabulous system and know that so many children have been sponsored as a direct result of these bloggers.

There is a group of bloggers in Kenya right now and there are plenty of posts from them up already. I read through most of them tonight….and cried while reading a few of them….but this one really caught my attention…and for good reason.
For Christmas this past year we bought 3 cows, 3 goats and a bunch of chickens for families with children sponsored through Compassion. Reading this post made tears fall down my face….it’s so awesome to know that we may have had a very small hand in helping a grandmother like this one provide for her family.
Please read the post:
And if you want to read more posts from other bloggers in Kenya – here is the link to the main Kenyan Blogger Compassion website:

My heart is breaking

June 30, 2009

Following two weeks of political controversy and illegal actions, the president of Honduras was recently arrested and exiled to Costa Rica. The president of the Congress has replaced him as president of Honduras until the next presidential election on Nov. 29, 2009.

Due to the volatile situation, Compassion’s Honduras office and 75 Compassion-assisted child
development centers in the Tegucigalpa area are temporarily closed. Families and children are staying home as a security precaution.

Please pray for God’s steadfast protection over our staff and children in Honduras. Also pray
for wisdom for the government leaders as they seek a quick and peaceful resolution to this

Compassion Honduras will keep us updated as more information is available. Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.


We just got this notice about Compassion in Honduras. We’ve been watching the past few days about the political mess going on down there. I’ve been thinking about our little boy (David, he’s 4) that we are scheduled to travel to and meet/play with/hug on/love on – in September. Since getting this notice today – my heart breaks. Not only am I sad that we may not be able to travel to see him, but moreso that “Compassion’s Honduras office and 75 Compassion-assisted child development centers in the Tegucigalpa area are temporarily closed. Families and children are staying home as a security precaution”.

To me this means that David and his other Honduran buddies sponsored through Compassion may not be getting the food they need and more importantly the love of Jesus through the Compassion folks that work in the projects every day. I also wonder if some of the precious kids I loved on in June 2007 are affected by the shutting down of the Compassion centers.

I KNOW that God is in control of every situation, and I am thankful for this. I pray that David’s family (well, really that everyone) knows that He is in control and that they will be okay through this unrest the city of Tegucigalpa and the country are facing right now. I pray that they will be kept safe and God will hold them in His hands even tighter than ever before. Please join me in praying for this situation in Honduras and for our little David and his family.