David Da Vinci

Tonight at school was the Fine Art Festival. The older kids put together a play of sorts and some others played instruments. Then all the other students had a piece of art displayed around the school.
David was very proud to walk me around school and remind me where each of his teachers are (art, computer, library and music). Then he showed me his art.
His favorite teacher (other than his kindergarten teacher) is Mr. Cecil – the art teacher. He seems like a fun person and his room was so cool….very comfortable and homey feeling. It even smelled good and he had jazz music playing. Awesome. My elementary school art teacher certainly wasn’t like that.
I’d love to know how he went about creating his art. I wonder if they copied something or if they followed instructions from Mr. Cecil. All I know is I LOVE it and he was so excited to show me his art. He’s a great little artist. Don’t you think?

{This WILL get framed and hung somewhere in our house.}


5 year check up

Two weeks ago David had has 5 year check up. He did FANTASTIC!

First he did the hearing and eye exam. He passed with flying colors.

Then we had to wait for the doctor for about 20 minutes. I noticed a full box of crayons on the counter so we grabbed them and started drawing on the paper that covers the exam table. David is a great artist but especially enjoyed drawing his entire alphabet a couple of times.

Here he is being a little ham.The doctor came in and gave David a great report. He got 4 huge shots in his legs…but he was a champ. I held him between my legs so he’d be still while the nurse gave him the shots. He seriously didn’t move a muscle…he didn’t even flinch. Sometimes I want to cry when I get shots…he defintely didn’t get his pain tolerance from me! David is almost 48 squared. He’s 48 pounds and 48 1/8 inches tall. He’s growing up way too fast. Where has the time gone?

Fun with the Sunday Paper

This is what David spent 1.5 hours doing this morning….laying the ENTIRE Sunday newspaper out in the house. It went in a maze all around the den, through the foyer and up the stairs. He’s one creative fellow. Then when he cleaned it up he piled all the papers in the middle of the den and jumped through them (really it was more of sliding) for about 3o minutes. Reminded me of jumping into the fall leaves only without the hours of raking before hand.

Art Project

Can I brag on David today??? Here are a couple of pictures of what we did this afternoon.

Kitty is sitting on the canvas that would soon become a masterpiece. I had to put him in the garage so he didn’t walk all over the canvas during the construction of it.
The artist begins his work.
Check out that concentration.
Please excuse the scuffed up knee (a bicycle accident) and the dirty band aid residue left over.
The finished project. Isn’t it awesome? I’m so proud of him. I outlined, lightly in pencil, the house and car (just the outline). David free-handed the windows in the car, decoration on the roof (not sure what it is!), the tree, grass, sun and cloud. My favorite part of all is how he made the lights shine from the head lights and tail lights of the car. Adorable.

He’s such a good little artist.