Three Cute Kids

We got to spend some time with these cute kids a few weeks ago.  Aren’t they cute?


First Anniversary Photoshoot

Yesterday, Brad and I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with David and Allison for their first anniversary.  
David wore the exact brown suit and purple tie he wore at their wedding.  

We were able to use a loft rooftop in downtown Birmingham.  It was a really neat setting.  

 Allison coordinated her look by painting her fingernails purples.  She looked stunning in her mustard yellow sweater and tights.

We took this one in the grungy stairwell as we left for the evening.

…more to come!

Family Photoshoot, Part II

This weekend I wrapped up the pictures for Alexa’s 1st birthday photoshoot and I wanted to post a few more favorites.

Even her feet got some cake.

Tonight we are doing a one year anniversary shoot for some friends of mine.  On a rooftop in downtown Birmingham.  I’m excited about this location!!!!  Will certainly post some of those too.

The Davis Family

Brad and I both worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car (which I’ve always said was the job from hell, but the two good things from that time of my life are 1) It made me so thankful for the job I have now, and 2) I made several good friends at ERAC who I am still friends with today).  One, or both of us, were there from 1998 to 2001.  
While working there we met Jeff and Kelli who also worked there.  We set them up.  And, yep, they got married.  Seriously.  
We have all left Enterprise (except Kelli) but have stayed friends ever since.  They have two cute boys.  
We did their Christmas pictures at Railroad Park (the same day we did the Hogan’s) and here are some of my favorites (especially the last one).  Hope you like.

Hogan Family Photos

Way back in 1997 I started college (GASP! – Yes, I am old) at Samford.  At school one day I saw a note on a bulletin board advertising for a job nannying for two little kids.  I called, interviewed and got the job.  I had a fun time and really enjoyed working with those kids (until a decision made by them made me decide I had but to quit).  Sad.  
I digress.
While I was working for this family Brad got a job with the husband’s company.  That is where he met Ray.  That was in 1998.  Brad left that company later that year, but he and Ray have stayed great friends.  Back when we met Ray and Melanie – they had no little people.  But now they have three cute kids.  
A few weeks ago we took some pictures of their family down at Railroad Park.  The location was really interesting and urban.   I love how the pictures turned out.  Here are a few of my favorites (with some extras of Emma).