Football end of season video


The end of an era…

…okay, so that’s a bit extreme.  But the era of the 2011 season of Chelsea K/1 football is over.  But that’s kind of a long blog post title so I went with the more dramatic “end of an era” one.  You are welcome.

Our boys made it to the playoffs….and they played Hoover on Tuesday night in the first round.  Hoover won.  Hoover is undefeated and are just a really good team.  My little guy had a rough game….the Hoover players were just pounding him (and a few of the other ball carriers) like crazy.  This whole season he never came off the field with an injury but during two tough hits he was crying pretty badly about his arm…so he sat out for one play.  He turned out to be okay, but between him getting hurt, getting pounded on the field and the big loss (and our first shut out) he was pretty emotional at the end of the game.  BROKE.  MY.  HEART.  After the game we went to dinner with “the group” to celebrate our great season….and he was fine by the time we got to dinner.
We ended the season winning more than we lost (5 wins, 3 losses).
This was Brad’s first year head coaching and David’s first year as quarterback….so I’d say they both did great.  Brad did a really good job recruiting some awesome guys as his assistant coaches – which really helped to make the season what it was.  
While I am truly sad the season is over I am looking forward to some down time between now and when basketball starts in December.  I have a lot of Christmas gifts to work on.  🙂

Homecoming Game

Tonight was our homecoming game for the K/1 Chelsea Hornets.

(Coach Jimmy giving Walker and David a pep talk before the game)
Two days ago a sweet cheerleader, who David went to Kindercare with, showed up at the house to decorate the front door and mailbox for him. She also had a nice little gift to give him. Her mom told me that she picked David because she knew him. 🙂
Before the game, each player gave a cheerleader a rose and then walked off the field with them.
(Please notice that Savannah is looking right at David but he’s too shy to look directly in her eyes so he was looking past her).
(How adorable is this?)
Unfortunately, we played Hoover (the only undefeated team in our league). Our boys hung in there and played hard. The first first down came in the 4th quarter along with the first and only touchdown of the game (scored by David!).
We lost, but it was still fun. Our boys play Hoover again in the playoffs so they will be practicing hard the next couple of weeks. I am so glad that our cheerleaders made the game even more special for these players.

DIY – Football Poster

This Sunday is our pep rally for all of the Chelsea Football/Cheerleaders. I decided to make a big poster of David to hang on the fence at all of our home games (starting with the pep rally tomorrow).
I didn’t find this idea on Pinterest, but it should be there. Slightly obsessed with Pinterest, by the way.
What you will need:
– 20×30 poster on photo paper (so it’s stronger than a regular poster)
– 20×30 foam core board
– Rubber Cement (buy the no-wrinkle, acid free kind that is safe for pictures)
Who knew they still even made rubber cement? The last time I used it was in 5th grade. Seriously. That was, um, 21 years ago. Oh em gee.
You will spread the rubber cement on the foam core board and on the back of the picture – small amounts at at time because it dries pretty quick. Smooth it out as you go.
If you accidentally get rubber cement on the front of the picture – it’s okay – as it will rub right off when it dries.
The picture below shows the depth of the foam core board. It’s not super thick but enough to be sturdy when it’s hanging on the fence. And I hope to salvage it after the season and hang it in the play room.

The finished product!

Next up – I’m making a football burlap door hangar for our front door. Will post pictures when I’m done.

Just kidding

I know I’m wishy-washy. Apparently very much so. I went to wordpress and like a lot of features of it, but also hated my template. I couldn’t get past how lame and boring it was. So I (think) I am back to blogger.

So let’s try this again, shall we?
Thanks for sticking with me.
And since I haven’t posted HERE in too long, here is a sweet picture of my boy.
And this one is definitely one my favorites from the season so far…David and all of his best buddies.
Oh and one other little WordPress problem is I can’t remember my log in. My computer logged me out and I didn’t write my password down either. DOH!