Mudbathing in the middle of the woods, you should try it sometime

Today we took the go-kart and 4-wheeler to the old Anniston Army Depot property in Talladega. I’ve only been there once, but Brad and David went a few weekends ago with Ray and they discovered a lot of great trails and a river to explore. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to ride, so I was really looking forward to our day.

It started off really well – we climbed a bunch of pretty good hill climbs and went through LOTS of mud. Most of the mud holes were pretty hard packed so there wasn’t much concern for either of us to get stuck. We spent the afternoon trying to find the river. Brad had told me that it would be good for taking our shoes off and relaxing for a bit. We got pretty close to it, but about 10 other ATV’s were on the trail hanging out (IN THE WAY) so we turned around to try and find another trail to get to the river.

We met up with a guy on a 4-wheeler and he showed us which trail to go down to get to the river…however, he did NOT warn us of the huge mud puddle between that point and the river. We came up to this puddle (which turned out to be more of a lake) and Brad stuck towards the right hand side of it. Since all day I had been able to go straight down the middle of each puddle I thought nothing of it and did the same on this one. That was one – big – mistake. I immediately sunk. David was with me in the kart and he flipped out. The left side of the kart (my side) fell in a hole that was probably 2 1/2 feet deep, the mud splashed all over us and then settled up over my waist. David was mostly out of the mud, but still got splashed pretty good and was just genuinely scared. Brad waded to the kart and got David out. He was a trooper once we got him calmed down and just watched the next 30 minutes unfold on the sidelines.

I cut off the kart to make sure I didn’t mess up the engine any more, but when Brad hooked the tow rope up to it I started it back up and hit reverse. This did NOTHING other than COVER me with mud even more. Up to this point I only had the mud from my feet to above my waist. Once I tried to go in reverse the mud was being flung up all over the kart and in turn all over me, the only thing keeping it out of my eyes was my helmet (my brand NEW helmet, which is not so brand new anymore). The strap broke, so plan B was to get out and push. Brad went to the drivers side and fell into the hole (by the way, the mud was VERY cold). Between the two of us we were able to get it pushed out of the hole. I guess that working out I’ve been doing paid off a bit today. From there we got it turned around and retied the tow rope to it and Brad towed us out.

Right after he got me fully out of the hole and just before he towed us out of the trail a big group of ATV’s passed by us and they all individually stopped to say something like “Oh, yeah, there’s a really big hole there”. Oh – yeah – thanks for telling me, but I just went for a swim. I guess they didn’t notice that I was covered head to toe (literally) in mud.

I think Brad was kind ticked at first because I went straight through the mud when I should have followed his lead and gone to the right…but oh well. I seriously laughed the entire time…I tried to be quiet about the laughing, but sometimes it was just so funny I couldn’t help it. I just hope that the mud bath the kart (and David and I) took didn’t compeltely ruin the engine.

When we got back to the truck we cleaned the air filter and a couple of screens as best we could and the kart still wouldn’t start up. We’ll check it tomorrow and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, we did not have our camera with us today, but Brad did snap one picture on his iphone of David and me in front of the kart. You’ll have to see it on facebook though. We both look pretty rough.

When we got home tonight and I took a shower I had to wash my hair three times to get all the mud out. I promise I have never felt more disgusting in my entire life. But it was oh….so….fun!


The Ridge

We went riding this weekend at The Ridge with some friends. We had a great time. David, Brad and myself rode our new toys for the first time…and John and Trisha mainly rode the go kart. David did amazingly well on his dirt bike on the pee wee track. He did have his first crash – it was traumatic, but he got up and within a few minutes was riding again. He didn’t accelerate fast enough up a hill and just kinda slid backwards down to the bottom until his bike turned over. He says he was safe because of the helmet and gear he was wearing, and he’s right.

Our friend, John, took my bike on the pee wee track and jumped it a couple times, but I couldn’t let him show me up. So I tried as well….I didn’t get much air but it was…SO. MUCH. FUN.

Next weekend we are going to Durhamtown to ride with Brad’s family. I am really looking forward to that and hoping for no broken bones.

Here are some pictures from The Ridge. It was an absolutely perfect day outside. We rode, ate a picnic lunch and rode some more.

I think in this picture they were watching me ride the pee wee track. Brad is probably laughing at me for almost wiping out in the sand in one of the corners.

David’s first ever trail. He got stuck on some ruts a little further up on this trail and Brad had to push him out.
Brad and little man.
David is winning the race on the pee wee track.
The boys.

Pictures from Durhamtown

Here are a few pictures of our trip to Durhamtown, as promised.

Brad had so much fun in a nasty mud puddle, he only stopped riding this time because he couldn’t see (check out his goggles)….David and I were in the other kart at the time, but I so badly wanted to go play too! Maybe next time:
R & L rode their dirt bikes most of the weekend, here is a picture of R and just below is a picture of his daughter and our niece, S. She is so cute out there riding on her dirt bike. She got braver and braver each day.
In this picture David is watching S, R and L ride around the Pee-Wee track. R & L rode on the big track too, but had a lot of fun on the Pee-Wee track with S too. David is a bit dirty in this picture and I thought about trying to Photoshop it but realized that would take away from the reality of just how dirty we all got!

Durhamtown Plantation

We took a few days off work last week to take the go-karts to Durhamtown with Brad’s family. We had an incredible time. The cabin wasn’t quite the Hilton, but it was better than some hotels I’ve stayed in. We had a sink, a small fridge, a bathroom and a couple of beds. We cooked all of our food over our gas grill or cook top, and of course had smores every night.

We went out a couple hours a day and still didn’t hit all the trails. Brad’s brother and sister-in-law ride dirt bikes, so we watched them and some other friends on the MX track. I don’t even know how to ride a bike, but I wish I did, they all looked like they were having so much fun. A little 4 year old boy we got to know was riding his little dirt bike like a champ. Not sure David is ready for 2 wheels, so we are thinking about getting him a 50cc 4-wheeler for his birthday. The little boy kept asking David if he would be his best friend – kids are so stinking cute!

On our first day S and I went for a ride and R & L were leading us. S was asking to go through some mud….so we hit a pretty big mud pit going rather fast, but we got stuck. Not only did we get stuck, but the literal wave of mud that flew over us made us both hold our breath for fear of drowning. It was pretty yuck. S and I got out and she was just squealing and kept saying over and over “That was awesome”. Of course her nice white and red gear is now brown and red! R & L came back and he pulled us out with his 4-wheeler after I dug about 8 inches of Georgia red clay mud around from the front tire.

On our last day there the girls went out for a ride (some of the moms hung with their kids the entire time and didn’t ride at all). L had her 4-wheeler and the other 4 of us ladies rode in our two karts. L wanted to go on the extreme mud trail…so we did. The mud puddles weren’t deep enough to get stuck in, but they were wet enough to get drenched. One of the girls is a germophobe, so I was worried about her hating the ride (and being drenched in stinky mud), but she was a trooper. One of the karts had a bit of engine trouble and L got stuck but between the 5 of us we got her un-stuck. We towed the other kart out of the trail until the engine dried out and then went on more trails. We were gone for about 2 hours…and had a great time. Next time, hopefully we’ll do a girls-only ride more than once.

Apparently, the go-karts were the hit of the weekend.

Right across from the cabin was a small track for bicycles. David loved running around out there all day long and even driving his battery powered 4-wheeler down there. He rode that thing around like he was big stuff. He’d stand up and point his elbows out like he was really going fast. It was so cute. I’m anxious to see how he’ll handle a real 4-wheeler!
The weekend was great and we’ve already talked about our next trip over with the family and their friends.

I’ll post some pictures later, they are still on my camera.

David on his power wheels 4-wheeler, it doesn’t go through much mud, but when he was riding around the campsite, he thought he was hot stuff….and showed off some each chance he got.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice as far as how yuck the go-karts were. The mud on the rear tire mud flap was over an inch thick once it dried. And since I’m the “bad driver” who gets stick in the mud my orange kart was even muddier than the black one.

Camping and Mud

This weekend we went camping with David for the first time since the fall. This was his first real camping experience (w/o electricity or a potty). It went really well and he did great. He even fell asleep in the tent on his own on Saturday night, while Brad and I enjoyed the fire. Brad all but gave up on the fire earlier in the evening (everything was so wet), but after about an hour we finally got it raging. We cut up quite a few dead trees and limbs for the fire. Even left a couple logs for the next campers. We roasted some marshmallows that would rock your face off.

We took the go-karts and had a great time. Of course 10 minutes into the first run on Saturday I got so stuck in mud that some guys on a couple 4-wheelers helped pull me out. Then about 2 minutes later got stuck again (it was kinda the same mud whole anyhow)…..we ended up turning around since we didn’t want to be an hour into the ride and not be able to get back. The bad storms on Friday didn’t help the wetness on the ground one bit. David continuously called me a “bad driver” the entire weekend. Such words of love coming from the mouth of a 3 year old! I wonder who prompted that one…..

Sunday we made it a good ways in before having to turn around because the hill to climb was huge and just too muddy. I took a couple stabs at it going full speed, but my wheels just kept spinning. We know next time we go back that the go-karts will be able to handle the hill climb. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t do that we saw so far (less the mud).

On our rides we all got very muddy. Not sure I’ve ever been so dirty before. We had to basically wait for the mud to dry on us before we could get it off. YUCK! We can’t wait to go again….it’s definitely a fun family trip and I look forward to more of them like this. Although, maybe a little bit less rock and roll playing at the campsite next door to us at 11:30 at night! I’ll post some pictures shortly of the fun.