Chemo Care Package

A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  I knew I wanted to put together something for her before she started chemo…so I reached out to a small group of friends to ask if they’d like to join in the effort.  They did!  We ended up delivering a huge basket of things to her last night in preparation for her first chemo treatment this morning.  Some items were boring and practical/necessary and a lot of items were “just because”.

We did some Pinterest research to see what some good ideas were to include in the basket.  So that was our starting point….and we just ran with it.  We ended up with this….a big box full of stuff:

I also included this list below – which outlines a few of the items and the reason they were included.  I ran out of room, so didn’t include everything.

Chemo Care Package

Here is the Microsoft Word version if you’d like to download it and edit it for your own Care Package:  Chemo Care Package

I did not get any pictures of what was inside…but I’ve outlined each item below:

  1. Fluffy blanket
  2. Fluffy socks
  3. Heating Pad
  4. Scarf (all to keep warm during/after her chemo treatments)
  5. Bottles of water (to stay hydrated)
  6. iTunes Gift Card
  7. A couple good books
  8. Chapstick (to keep her list from drying out, which is a side effect of chemo)
  9. Sudoku Puzzle Book
  10. Trashy Magazines
  11. Hard Candy (to help keep her mouth moist and to help with mouth sores)
  12. Bath Stuff
  13. Kleenex
  14. Cocoa Butter Lotion (this is great for dry skin, a side effect of chemo)
  15. A cute t-shirt
  16. Framed encouraging print
  17. Cottonelle Wipes (a side effect of chemo is diarrhea)
  18. Germ-X (to keep the germs away)
  19. Keychain, cross earrings, and other trinkets
  20. Love Notes (a note written by each friend who contributed)
  21. Snickers (her favorite candy

We hope that we were able to put a smile on our friend’s face before she faces the hardest battle of her life.  I think we succeeded.  🙂


Bethany Camp

Last weekend I invited some little friends over for Camp Bethany.  These girls are all older sisters of David’s best buddies and they had asked me earlier this summer if I’d invite them over to do crafts.  So we finally did it – on the last day of summer.

First the girls arrived and we did a little photo shoot in the backyard.

Then we went inside to start the crafting.  I gave the girls 6 choices a week before Bethany Camp and they each got to choose their favorite….then they all got to do each girls choice.  I also got the girls to give me the colors of their rooms – so that everything could match the colors they like.

They decided on doing a yarn wrapped vase, paint chip art and a yarn wrapped wreath with monogrammed initial.

I picked up the following:
– 11×14 canvases
– paint chips
– yarn
– glass vases
– straw wreaths
– wooden letters
– flowers for embellishments

I already had the following:
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– mod podge
– paint for the wooden letters

We started by having the girls wrap glass vases with yarn.  I had to help hot glue the yarn in place and then each time they changed colors.  If I did this again I would use a straight glass vase – the curve of the vase made it a little challenging to wrap.  The girls used little flowers to embellish the vases.

Then we moved on to the yarn wrapped wreaths.  Two of the girls stuck with one solid color and one of the girls changed colors on the wreath.  After they wrapped the yarn we hot glued their painted initial on the wreath.

We finished up with the paint chip art.  I went to a local big box store and picked up some paint chips.  I cut them into odd shapes (the girls helped do this too) and then we hot glued them onto canvases.  Once the paint chips were all glued on they finished it off by mod podging over the paint chips.

Here’s the finished paint chip art projects.  Aren’t they adorable?  I now wish I had made one of my own.  Maybe I will.

When the girls left they asked if we could do Bethany Camp next month.  Ha!   Let’s plan on next summer, girls.

Teacher Appreciation – DIY Flower Vase

This week is teacher appreciation week, so each day we will be doing something special for David’s teachers.  Today we made a vase of flowers for both of his teachers.  I picked up some tulips at Publix and some craft sticks at the Dollar Store.  I had everything else on hand already.

What you’ll need:

Glue gun and glue sticks
An empty can (you see two below because I had two vases to make) – empty and washed
Craft sticks
Emblishments (buttons, fabric, ribbons, etc)

Hot glue the craft sticks to the outside of the can.  I used a tiny dot on both ends of each stick.  I placed the first stick on the can (so it would be straight up and down and not crooked) and David put the rest of them in place after I added the hot glue to each stick.

Next, pick out whatever embellishments you want to use.  David picked out the ribbons and told me where to place them.  I added the ribbons since it was more possible to burn little fingers using the ribbons.  I also added some buttons using hot glue.

The finished project.  

DIY – Football Poster

This Sunday is our pep rally for all of the Chelsea Football/Cheerleaders. I decided to make a big poster of David to hang on the fence at all of our home games (starting with the pep rally tomorrow).
I didn’t find this idea on Pinterest, but it should be there. Slightly obsessed with Pinterest, by the way.
What you will need:
– 20×30 poster on photo paper (so it’s stronger than a regular poster)
– 20×30 foam core board
– Rubber Cement (buy the no-wrinkle, acid free kind that is safe for pictures)
Who knew they still even made rubber cement? The last time I used it was in 5th grade. Seriously. That was, um, 21 years ago. Oh em gee.
You will spread the rubber cement on the foam core board and on the back of the picture – small amounts at at time because it dries pretty quick. Smooth it out as you go.
If you accidentally get rubber cement on the front of the picture – it’s okay – as it will rub right off when it dries.
The picture below shows the depth of the foam core board. It’s not super thick but enough to be sturdy when it’s hanging on the fence. And I hope to salvage it after the season and hang it in the play room.

The finished product!

Next up – I’m making a football burlap door hangar for our front door. Will post pictures when I’m done.

A First and a Second

This sweet thing had her second birthday a few weeks ago. Emily (her mom) did an Art Party and it was a lot of fun for the kids.

Emily helped Ava finish her painting.

I gave her a dress for her birthday that I made. It was my first attempt at making a dress (or any clothing for that matter). I’m pretty proud of myself….I did the whole thing myself (except for the button holes which I had a friend do for me since I’m lame and can’t figure out how to make my machine make a button hole). I asked Emily not to pay any attention to the construction as the underneath of the dress was a mess….but she understood. I’ll have to work on that on my next one. 🙂
I have to say I’m proud of myself!

I’ve been creating – Part II

In addition to the scarf I made earlier – I also made these dish clothes for my mom for her birthday.

My great aunt made us a handful of crocheted dish clothes for our wedding and I still have 1 left (after using it for 12 years). These things are tons better than anything you can buy at the store. They scrub dishes really well and clearly they last forever. You can throw them in the washing machine and dryer and they are good as new. Plus they are so much cuter than boring dish clothes from the store. Right?

Happy Birthday mom.

I’ve been creating

I am really good at picking up one project and starting it, getting half way done, then getting tired of it and putting it down. Often times I don’t finish it (well, most of the time I don’t finish it). I don’t even know how many quilts I’ve started over the years and never finished. Maybe it’s a little bit of ADD. Not sure. But anyhow, I’ve always wanted to make a scarf. Easy enough, right? I consider myself fairly creative and can usually figure out something I want to learn on my own….with a little YouTube tutorial helps. I do wish I could knit, but that’s too hard….I get frustrated when I drop a stitch and the only way I can figure out how to fix it is to pull it out and start all over. And THAT’S no fun. I never really liked the way crocheted scarfs look – until a friend made me one and I loved it.

So…I decided to make my mom a scarf for her birthday next week. (Don’t worry, she never ever reads my blog). The best part of this project is that I FINISHED IT. For real. My first one ever. And it only took me 2.5 days of crocheting – I did it on my lunch break, in the orthodontists office and at home at night. I’m so proud of it – and I want to show y’all.





Ain’t she pretty?