Thanksgiving, Washington DC and the Christmas Tree Farm


Our trip to Washington DC over Thanksgiving break was wonderful.  We spent a lot of time walking, exploring, riding, eating and enjoying our way through the city.  We arrived Wednesday around noon and started out by walking to the White House.  Our hotel was only a few blocks away.


Next, we saw the Washington Monument and walked to the WWII Memorial.  See the pillars on the left side of the photo?  On each of those it lists a state or country that was involved in the War.  There is a large pond in the center that David is standing in front of with fountains.  Opposite the Washington Monument is the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial.


David and me in front of the Memorial.

This pillar is part of the Lincoln Memorial and overlooks the pool and the Washington Monument.  IMG_1118

Me and my boy.  This photo was taken as we were waiting for the President entourage to ride by.  On our way back to the hotel on Wednesday we started hearing helicopters, then we noticed that police men were blocking this one street and not letting any cars by.  The security got tighter and tighter as we kept walking, so at a corner we stopped and waited.  About 30 minutes later about 40-50 cars rode by including motorcycle cops, police cars, trucks with armed men sitting in the back, several blacked out limos and suburbans (we assume the President was in one of these), more police cars and a few rescue vehicles.  It was neat to experience.


My favorite part of our trip was watching the Changing of the Guard and visiting Arlington National Cemetery.  We did a lot of things and saw a lot of things including all the Smithsonian Museums, and most of the monuments, but this visit really stands out.


We also walked to the Capital.  We had tickets to get a tour of the Capital but I thought our time slot was 10:45.  Instead it was 8:20.  We missed it.  : (  Instead we went to the Library of Congress (where this photo was taken – facing the Capital).


On our last day in DC we rode the Metro to the Pentagon and Pentagon Memorial.  This was a very somber memorial and quite emotional to visit.  See those bench looking things?  Each one represents a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon.  They are laid out (depending on which direction they are pointing) to represent if the victim was in the building or in the plane.  They were also laid out in rows based on the year of birth of the victim.  The youngest victim was 3 and was born in 1998.  Wow.  Beneath each bench was a stream of water that was constantly running.  This was a beautiful memorial – especially as you read more about it to learn how it was created to honor the victims.


When we left Washington DC we headed to a Christmas Tree Farm in Hillsville, VA.  We drove near the Shenandoah Parkway and decided to hop on rather than ride the interstate.  I was disappointed that it cost $15 to ride (when the Blue Ridge Parkway is totally free).  The Shenandoah Parkway was definitely beautiful though.  Once the Parkway ended it turned into the Blue Ridge Parkway….so we took that to Roanoke, VA and then hopped on a small two lane highway to drive about 60 more miles to Hillsville.  We went to this PRECIOUS Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree.


Child labor at its best!



Month of Thankfulness – Day 25:

I am thankful for safe travels we’ve had over the past week and a half (TN, KY, AL, VA and DC).

Side Note: I am not thankful that Brad decided to teach me how to drive his 5 speed Jeep on the interstate.  The first hour was fine, the last was stop and go in very heavy traffic.  Not cool.  I cried.  He laughed.