Chemo Care Package

A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  I knew I wanted to put together something for her before she started chemo…so I reached out to a small group of friends to ask if they’d like to join in the effort.  They did!  We ended up delivering a huge basket of things to her last night in preparation for her first chemo treatment this morning.  Some items were boring and practical/necessary and a lot of items were “just because”.

We did some Pinterest research to see what some good ideas were to include in the basket.  So that was our starting point….and we just ran with it.  We ended up with this….a big box full of stuff:

I also included this list below – which outlines a few of the items and the reason they were included.  I ran out of room, so didn’t include everything.

Chemo Care Package

Here is the Microsoft Word version if you’d like to download it and edit it for your own Care Package:  Chemo Care Package

I did not get any pictures of what was inside…but I’ve outlined each item below:

  1. Fluffy blanket
  2. Fluffy socks
  3. Heating Pad
  4. Scarf (all to keep warm during/after her chemo treatments)
  5. Bottles of water (to stay hydrated)
  6. iTunes Gift Card
  7. A couple good books
  8. Chapstick (to keep her list from drying out, which is a side effect of chemo)
  9. Sudoku Puzzle Book
  10. Trashy Magazines
  11. Hard Candy (to help keep her mouth moist and to help with mouth sores)
  12. Bath Stuff
  13. Kleenex
  14. Cocoa Butter Lotion (this is great for dry skin, a side effect of chemo)
  15. A cute t-shirt
  16. Framed encouraging print
  17. Cottonelle Wipes (a side effect of chemo is diarrhea)
  18. Germ-X (to keep the germs away)
  19. Keychain, cross earrings, and other trinkets
  20. Love Notes (a note written by each friend who contributed)
  21. Snickers (her favorite candy

We hope that we were able to put a smile on our friend’s face before she faces the hardest battle of her life.  I think we succeeded.  🙂


Another Paper DIY (and Happy Birthday) Garland

I made this Christmas garland a few months ago.  I loved it so much that I decided to make another one for a recent photoshoot we did.

Cute, huh?

Oh, and the garland is cute, too, right?  🙂  I used my circle punch to cut out circles out of several colors of card stock.  Then I printed out a font I liked to spell out Happy Birthday, then cut those letters out and traced them onto the card stock and cut out Happy Birthday in the colored paper.  I sewed the circles together just like I did the Christmas garland.   For the Happy Birthday I sewed the letters together – pretty close to the top of each letter that way they would have more paper on the bottom of the sewed line, otherwise I was worried they may flip over.   I then strung all three garlands between the backdrop towers.

DIY Paper Christmas Garland

While pursuing the internet this week I saw some cute Christmas garlands made of paper.  So I decided to make my own.  
Here’s what you’ll need:
– Cardstock in whatever color you choose (I used red and lime green) – I used 9 sheets that were 12″x12″
– A hole punch, the one I used is 1″ (I wouldn’t go any smaller than 3/4″ as the smaller they are the harder they will be to push through your sewing machine)
– Ssewing machine
– Thread
I used my hole punch to cut out about 6 million lime green and red circles.  The picture below shows the circles cut from just the edges of the paper you see…you can fold the paper in half and then in half again to get to the center of the paper.  

Line your circles up a few at a time on your sewing machine so you can easily slip the next paper circle under the needle.

I kept my stash of extras right in front of my sewing machine so I could quickly grab the next batch.

Here is the finished garland.   I sewed several pieces (rather than having one huge garland) and just twisted the thread around the branch where I had left off with the end of the last garland.

This is the skeleton of the paper I used…I’m going to use it to decorate some Christmas packages.

DIY Half Apron

I found this lovely tutorial on one of my favorite blogs…and I decided I needed to make a few for Christmas gifts for my nieces.  
I picked three non-matchy matchy fabrics, which work together well.  Then got to cutting and sewing.  I followed Raechel’s tutorial and it was perfect.  I thought about taking step by step pictures of my own, but I would never create a tutorial as good as hers and, really, what’s the point?  If you want to make this apron, go here:  HALF APRON TUTORIAL by Raechel Myers.  

Here is the finished product.

David tried it on.

So did W.

And another picture of the curtains in my kitchen modeling the apron.  🙂

DIY Owl Christmas Ornaments

Now that football and my latest ARM test is over I can focus on Christmas (until January when studying for my next ARM test begins)….

I found this adorable owl Christmas ornament on Pinterest.  So I printed off the pattern and made a few of my own.

This is my first group of owls….now that I’ve made a few I realize I should have used more colorful felt.  I’m heading out to Hobby Lobby in a bit to buy some more felt.  Do you think I can go into Hobby Lobby for $4 of felt and really spend only $4 on felt?  Doubtful.  That store sucks me in.  

Quilt for Aly

So it’s been a LONG time since I’ve made a quilt.  This one is a gift for a sweet friend’s daughter and is about a year late (so so sorry Mykell).  But better late than never, eh?


I talked to a friend of mine who is well versed in quilting and was telling her how it’s so not perfect and I couldn’t get the binding right and my corners aren’t straight enough.  Her comment was:

Finished is better than perfect.  

Thank you, Lascella, for that comment.


Aly, I hope you like it.

Sugar Cookies

I’ve recently been encouraged by a sweet friend of mine, Amanda, and the sugar cookies she’s been making. She’s actually selling them (and doing great, by the way) – she has her own company and website now. She made 150 cookies over one weekend for an event recently. Wowzers.

I’m not looking to sell mine, but I think they are fun to make. I’ve always made cakes but they are so so so time consuming that the cookies are actually more enjoyable to make.
I made some Valentine’s cookies for David to take to school on February 14th. I wrapped each one up and attached a heart that he signed.

And this weekend I made some basketball cookies for his end of the season basketball party. This time I used orange extract instead of vanilla and they were so yum.